Members of the Suponic,

Here are some announcements.

1. As announced, BKS, Snowball, and ICO Butterfly sites have been closed, so it is impossible to reopen them. But I think there’s a lot of people who haven’t been able to swap BKS.
If you contact the KakaoTalk administrator center for this problem, we will review it and pay you coins through a one-on-one swap.
Therefore, if you want to get a coin, please contact us as below.

1). If you wish to receive the BKS as it is on the exchange;
< BKS ID: BKS Email : Exchange email to deposit BKS: >

2. Wants to receive BKS swapped to SGC.
< BKS ID: BKS Email : SGC wallet ID to deposit BKS: >

If the format of the inquiry regarding BKS swap differs from the above, it will be rejected without a reply.
Please make sure to make inquiries in accordance with the format.

2. BKS Dividend Dollars have been paid to the applicants per year.
You can see it by clicking Deposit->Dollars.

For those who couldn’t apply for BKS dollar transfer, please wait for further notice.

3. Angel
All GGP angel quantities will be locked after returning to the first exchange where the coin was located.
When you swapped the Angel at the time, the other coins were also swapped together, so the coins, not the Angel, were tied back.
Please enter your new exchange and proceed with the swap again.

4. KYC

At the start of the exchange, some users KYC was validated even though information was blurred, or wrong. We have updated our KYC acceptance criteria and old uploaded KYC will be re-reviewed and rejected/approved. If your KYC is rejected according to the new criteria, please re-upload your passport/ID information.